(15 mai 2014) "L'eau est un bien commun. Elle tient un rôle essentiel", a souligné M. Saurel, président de Montpellier agglo qui veut en tirer "une baisse du prix de l'eau" mais aussi permettre "une nouvelle approche des services de l'eau"

(13 May 2014) Check out here : a new documentary that explains why we oppose water privatisation in Greece. 

The people should not be paying the price for government failure. We hope the people will say NO to privatisation of the water services in the referendum in Thessaloniki on Sunday 18 may.

(8 May 2014) On May 18th, coinciding with the first round of the local elections, the citizens of Thessaloniki have organized themselves a popular referendum to give the chance to the people to express their opinion on the sale of the local publicly owned water company EYATH.

The campaign SOS te Nero, in which the local water union plays a key role, has been mobilizing for this referendum since it was decided on February 17 in an Assembly as the European Parliament was debating the ECI right2water.

(8 May 2014) Wednesday 7 May the signing ceremony took place in a crowded city hall in Zaragoza. The agreement consists in eight point for a public and participatory water management in Zaragoza and its surroundings.

(5 May 2014) The right2water campaign was nominated for the best campaign of the year award of the European civic forum, a transnational European network of over 100 civil society organisations from the EU member states. Individuals could vote for the nominees and the Right2Water campaign was voted the best.

(16 April 2014) Our ECI-campaign has been nominated for the European Democratic Citizenship Award in the category of Best Campaign 2013, by the European Civic Forum.

(15 April 2014) News Splash n° 25: On 19 March,  the European Commission published its Communication in reply to our successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). The Communication recalls the importance of the human right to water and sanitation and states the importance of water as a public good and fundamental value and that “water  is not a commercial product”.  While, this is not a policy change,  it is a change in language about water.

(3 April 2014) PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli was in Chile attending the inauguration ceremony of President Michelle Bachelet. She urged the new government to take Chile’s water back into public hands and to do this before the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement is finalised; once approved, this new treaty will block any signatory government from remunicipalising public services such as water.

(Bruxelles, le 26 mars 2014) Le candidat des Verts Ska Keller, des Socio-Démocrates Martin Schulz, des Chrétiens-Démocrates Jean-Claude Junker ainsi que du Parti de la Gauche Européenne Alexis Tsipras (qui a même fait un vidéo-clip) soutiennent tous l’ICE Right2Water

(20 March 2014) Following on from the decisive result of the Italian referendum on private management of water services in 2011, Lazio’s regional government has unanimously passed a law that will facilitate management of water services being passed to local authorities.

(19 mars 2014) La Commission européenne (CE) a publié aujourd'hui dans une Communication sa réponse officielle à la première Initiative Citoyenne européenne (ICE) réussie, initiative qui l'invitait à « mettre en œuvre le droit humain à l'eau et à l'assainissement dans la législation européenne ».  Dans sa Communication, la Commission européenne rappelle l'importance du droit humain à l'eau et à l'assainissement,  affirme l'importance de l'eau comme un bien public et comme une valeur fondamentale et répète que « l'eau n'est pas une marchandise ». Cependant, cela s’arrête là.

(19 March 2014) The European Citizens’ Initiative “right2water” is the latest of campaigns against water privatisation which have had remarkable success across the globe. Major water multinationals such as French groups Suez and Veolia have retreated from much of their business in developing countries


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