(20 February 2014) News Splash Special edition: Monday 17 February we had our hearing at the European Parliament (EP) for our European Citizens' Initiative “Water is a human right!” and the room was packed!

(EPSU Press release- 17 February 2014) The first ever European Citizens Initiative (ECI) met today Maroš Šefčovič and the European Commission services to discuss the implementation of the demands of the ECI Right2water in the European legislation.

EPSU Press communication – 14 February 2014 - The first ever successful European Citizens Initiative (ECI) will meet on Monday EU Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič and the European Commission services to discuss with the Commission its response to the demands of the ECI.

(5 February 2014) Should access to good-quality water be a basic right? The "right2water" campaign seeks to secure universal access to clean water and sanitation and opposes the liberalisation of water services. Its organisers will be taking part in the Parliament's first official hearing for the European Citizens Initiative

(30 January 2014) News Splash n° 24 On 17 February our European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Water is a human right!” will be the subject of a public hearing in the European Parliament. The same day we will meet with the European Commission. In line with the regulation on ECIs we will be given the opportunity to explain our demands in both sessions.

(13 January 2014) Together with the certificates that represent 1.66 million valid signatures for our European Citizens’ Initiative we have given our wish-list to the European Commission. It is a list with practical and concrete actions

(9 January 2014) On 21 November 2013 the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee adopted a resolution on “The human right to safe drinking water and sanitation.” There, all UN member states agreed that the rights to water and sanitation are derived from the right to an adequate standard of living

(20 December 2013) Until today we have received 25 certificates from authorities in Member States that verified our signatures, confirming that we achieved a number of 1.659.692 valid signatures. We have informed the European Commission about this. In January we will hand in these certificates to Commissioner Sefkovic as first successful European Citizens’ Initiative.

(18 December 2013- EPSU Press communication) The President of the Eurogroup, Dutch Finance Minister Dijsselbloem, issued a press release in which he notes his "satisfaction" that Greece has reached a number of milestones as agreed with the Troika

(Brussels 10 December) 10 December is human rights day. We celebrate and remember the struggle of many for human rights and dignity.  The European Citizens’ Initiative “Water is a human right!” ( is proud to be part of that struggle that unites many on our planet

(4 December 2013) At the moment the World Trade Organisation is trying to revive negotiations on global trade agreements in Bali. The EU is negotiating trade agreements with Canada and the US. We think that trade should be about exchange, with ecologically and culturally distinct regions equitably sharing their products, skills and creativity

(25 November 2013) EPSU, PSI and several NGOs have written to Andris Piebalgs (EU Commissioner for Development) to express concern about the future of EU support for non-profit partnership projects in the water sector in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries


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