(21 August 2013) Lithuanian TV personality Ignas Krupavicius organized meetings in libraries in different cities in Lithuania where he talked with people about the European Citizens‘ Initiative „Water is a human right!“

(8 August 2013) European and international media have widely reported on the decision of Mayor Pál Fürjes of the Hungarian town Ózd to reduce water pressure or stop supplying altogether some 88 roadside pumps, Friday 2 August. The mayor claimed this was too expensive. The decision effected several hundreds of families and hit especially a number of poor neighborhoods hard that have a large Roma population.

(24 July 2013) Despite the fact that international experience shows that water privatization is harmful to the interests of citizens, the Greek government is pushing ahead with privatizing water supply and sewerage companies

(17 July 2013) The German radio station SWR 2 produced two radio programmes about the struggle against the European concessions directive on the basis of a fight for Right2Water.

News Splash nr. 20: Nu hvor der er syv uger tilbage af vores Europæiske Borgerinitiativ har vi indsamlet mere end 1,7 million underskrifter og kampagnen har været en succes i 12 forskellige lande

(11 July 2013) At their national assembly the French ‘Greens’ have adopted a resolution in which they adhere support to the European Citizens’ Initiative “Water is a human right!”

The greens recognise the pressure that would be put on our most precious natural resource if it would be privatised or if the services would be opened for competition as planned in the concessions directive. Thanks to this awareness the European Commissioner has excluded water services from the scope of the concession directive.

(10 July 2013)  EPSU stands with the Greek unions and citizens, because privatisation of water will only increase suffering for the Greek people and will make that the borrowed EU money will leave Greece again as profits for the foreign owner of the water company, once it is privatised.

(10 July 2013) Several weeks ago we published an article in which we by mistake said that Cecile Duflot in France was the first acting minister that signed our ECI. This was a mistake

(9 July 2013) In an effort to promote our European Citizens’ Initiative in France we received support from French writer Marc Levy and from the candidate Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.

They sign and explain their support in this video:

(2 July 2013) That is what Greek citizens ask while wondering if the exclusion of water services form the concessions directive would change anything with regards to their water utilities that are still up for sale. We hope that the Greek government will listen to its citizens as well as Commissioner Barnier did to European citizens.

News splash Special udgave:  Allerede inden underskrifterne bliver indleveret til Europa Kommissionen har vores Europæiske borgerinitiativ opnået sin første politiske succes! Kommisær Barnier har meddelt, at vand vil blive undtaget fra koncessionsdirektivet 2010-2014/barnier/headlines/speeches/2013/06/20130621 en.htm .

(24 June 2013) European Commissioner Barnier, responsible for the internal market and the concessions directive has announced that he will propose to the Commission to take water and sanitation services out of the scope of the directive on concessions.


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