(22 October 2013) It had been billed as a summit to push for universal access to water, but attending the Budapest Water Summit held last week felt like grasping at a mirage of water in a desert. The slogans and appearance were attractive, but held no prospect of delivering the human right to water for all.

Octubre Azul es un mes internacional de acción por el agua para combatir la privatización de este recurso y protegerlo como derecho humano y como bien común. La batalla por la defensa del agua va en aumento conforme empresas y gobiernos buscan expandir proyectos mineros, presas, contaminación y, recientemente, la fractura hidráulica por todo el planeta. Es por esta razón hemos decidido dedicar el Octubre Azul de este año a la defensa de las fuentes de agua.

(15 October 2013) At their September Council Meeting the Wexford County Council passed a resolution to endorse the human right to water and sanitation UNANIMOUSLY.

It was agreed to circulate the Resolution to all local authorities in Ireland for their attention and support

(24 September 2013) Stefan Pfeiffer, who is doing a pilgrimage by walking from North Cape in Norway to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, passed the halfway milestone. He walked for nearly three month and over 3400 kilometres. With another three months and 3200 kilometres to go he expects to arrive in Santiago by Christmas 2013.

(18 September 2013) The city of Bern in Switzerland has announced that it will be a “blue community” from now.

A “blue community” is one that adopts a water commons framework by taking the three actions:

News Splash n°22: El 10 de septiembre se cerró la recogida de firmas para la primera Iniciativa Ciudadana Europea, titulada El agua es un derecho humano. Cerca de 1,9 millones de ciudadanos han apoyado

(Brussels 10 September) As of yesterday the national branches of the  campaign have been handing in the signatures collected to the respective national authorities. We are now demanding that the European Commission to implements the Human Right to water and sanitation in European Union basic legislation.

As thousands of water specialists gather in Stockholm for World Water Week, there will be a lot of discussions around technical and efficient delivery of water but too few conversations on the nature of water as a public and democratic good.

(3 September 2013) Today we surpassed the quorum of signatures for Hungary. In a joint effort by several civil society groups and trade unions we collected over 15.000 signatures in two weeks time in Hungary for our European Citizens' Initiative "Water is a human right!".

News Splash n°21: El 9 de septiembre concluirá la recogida de firmas en línea a favor de nuestra Iniciativa Ciudadana Europea (ICE) "El agua es un derecho humano". Se mantendrá el esfuerzo en lo que queda de plazo, para reunir el mayor número posible de firmas

(26 August 2013) Over 130 civil society organisations, trade unions and individuals from Greece, Europe and around the world have teamed up with 50 Members of the European Parliament to send a letter to the bidders of the public water company in Thessaloniki urging them to drop their bid.

(22 August 2013) After 7 weeks of walking from North Cape in Norway our pilgrim Steffen Pfeiffer has reached the ferry in Oslo and crossed over to Denmark. There he will continue his journey to Santiago de Compostela. We congratulate Steffen with reaching this first milestone!


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