Lithuania: Water remains in municipal hands

(5 November 2013) The Lithuanian government has approved the main provisions of the new law on water. According to Lithuania's Minister of Environment: Valentinas Mazuronis, only municipal companies will be able to supply water. As a result, water price will be reduced.

"Municipalities will award contracts without any form of competitive tendering and water management will not be privatized. Yet the Government has decided to leave pricing to the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy. The main thing is that water supply companies will remain in the hands of the State and municipalities and will not be privatized. We will amend the law and pass it to the Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament). It is a good piece of news", said the minister.

According to Mazuronis, residents will soon reap the benefits of this decision. "Price for consumers will be lower. Business always seeks for profit. And we pay that profit. In this case, the lowest price will be ensured".

This result is one of the positive consequences of the ECI “Water is a human right!” In Lithuania many people supported the ECI campaign and more than 14.000 signatures have been collected. We hope that the people in Lithuania will reap the expected benefits of their new law on water.

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